Notice of Local 2252 Postponement of Re-Run Officer Election

An appeal by candidates Charles Coleman, Joshua Taborn and Tawan Patrick was filed to District 2-13 Vice President.

Their appeal request is to overturn the Election Committees decision dated January 18, 2021 to void the December 2020 Officer Election and rerun the election, thereby certifying them the certified winners without another election.

If the decision of their appeal deems the rerun election is not valid, rerunning this election would put an unnecessary expense on Local 2252.

The Election Committee voted 4 to 1 to postpone the rerun election. In good consciousness we cannot have Local 2252 incur expenses that might not be deemed necessary. Additionally, it would not be fair to our voting members to ask them to vote knowing there is a pending appeal contesting our rerun decision.

Pending the decision of the District, the Election Committee will meet again to set a new timeline.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

The Election Committee: