Election Committee

****** CWA 2252 Election Notice ******

On December 22, 2017, the Election Committee received two sets of
challenges about the recent CWA Local 2252 Election, which took
place on December 12, 2017.
After thorough investigation, the Election Committee has determined
that the number of undeliverable ballots was determinative and could
have influenced the outcome of the election.
Therefore, the December 12, 2017 CWA Local 2252 Election is
The remedy to this violation will be that a new election will be
The Election Committee will be meeting on January 18, 2018 at
10:00am in the Local 2252 Office to formulate Election Rules.
Observers can be present at this meeting.
A new NOTICE OF ELECTION will be posted following the adoption
of the Election Rules.
James Stewart – Chair
Nuri Vitiello
Crystal Brock-Pritchard
Ruth Cox
Wanda Tillman
Ute Vazquez
Maria Atienza
Dated: January 8, 2018

***Election CHALLENGE Notice***

The election committee has received a
 challenge to the election.  The committee
 has 20 days to investigate the challenge 
 and will post their findings at that time. 

Local 2252 Election Committee

James Stewart
Nuri Vitiello
Ute Vazquez
Maria Atienza
Wanda Tillman
Crystal Brock-Pritchard
Ruth Cox

NURI VITIELLO AT [email protected]

If there is an address change please send the current address to Nuri at the above email address with a cc to [email protected] so the Local database can be updated with the address change by the Local Secretary-Treasurer.


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