District 2-13 Vice-President decision to require the rerun of Dec 2020 Officer Election

Please see the attached letter from District 2-13 Vice-President Edward Mooney.

Review of the file indicates that all candidates were not notified of the rules regarding the distribution of campaign literature.

In addition, it appears that the ballots were not mailed fifteen days prior to the time they had to be mailed back in order to be counted. A scan report obtained by the Election Committee from the post office shows that 260 ballots were not scanned and mailed by the post office until December 16, 2020. Thus, those ballots were not sent fifteen days in advance of the date they would have had to be placed back in the mail in order to be counted. The 260 ballots exceeded the margin of victory in the elections and therefore, could have affected the outcome of the election.

These two issues, alone, require the rerun of the Local 2252 election.

Edward F. Mooney
Vice President, District 2-13