AA Mando Survey

American (Mainline) Mandatory Overtime Survey

The Airline Customer Service Employee Association, CWA/IBT, is aware of our members being required to work excessive mandatory overtime at many airports. Overtime notices are issued at the local level, and Local Union leaders are not always included in the notice to members. This makes it impossible to understand the scope of the problem nationally. For that reason, we must collect information on how often and why agents are being asked to work overtime.

Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey. We need help from agents like you in order to develop a plan to resolve the issue. If you have received a mando notification since JUNE 23rd, and going forward, please send a copy to CWA at [email protected] or to your IBT local.

For your reference, here is the American (mainline) overtime contract language:

Article 28. U.
1. Mandatory overtime occasionally becomes necessary as a result of irregular operations or unusual events. Mandatory overtime will only be used when the company determines it is essential to meet the minimum needs of service and all voluntary options have been exhausted.

2. Employees will be given as much notice as possible and, at a minimum, one (1) hour notice prior to the beginning of a mandatory overtime assignment. Notice will be given electronically or in writing and will contain the reason for the overtime and the approximate duration of the overtime.

Please scan the QR code below or enter https://www.cwa2252.org/node/add/page?og_group_ref=1380

In Solidarity, 

Cindy Thayer, President